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Privacy Policy​

Kobe Shushinkan Breweries, Ltd. (hereafter, “the Company”) is aware of the importance of our customers’ personal information, and to that end, we comply with all relevant laws and regulations as well as other norms for personal information to ensure your personal information is secure.

1. Personal Information Definition

“Personal information” refers to the following information related to a living individual.
(1) Name, date of birth, and other information specific to an individual included in the said information.
(2) Information that includes individual identification codes

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company may obtain your personal information through applications for electronic mail distribution services, sending information about products, applications for events, etc., and through online sales and shipping of our products. We obtain your personal information through fair and legal means, and will never use nefarious or improper methods.


3. Personal Information of Customers Under 16 Years

The agreement of a parent or guardian is required in order to provide the personal information of customers under 16 years.

4. Use of Personal Information

Your personal information will be used within the following scope.

Sending electronic mail, sending information about products, sending information about participation in events, etc., online sales and shipping products, after-sales services, questionnaires, statistical processing, etc.

5. Management of Personal Information

The Company will not provide personal data to a third party without the agreement of the information owner, save with the following exceptions.

(1) When providing personal data to a third party in accordance with laws and regulations other than the Personal Information Protection Law.

(2) When personal data must be provided to a third party to protect human life, prevent injury, or protect assets and the agreement of the information owner cannot be obtained.

(3) When particularly needed to improve public health or promote sound child-raising and the agreement of the information owner cannot be obtained.

(4) When it is necessary to cooperate with a national organ, or local public body, or party consigned by same on matters required by law, and obtaining the agreement of the information owner might hamper the execution of this matter.

6. SSL and Cookies

The Company uses industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for security, which means data sent over the internet is encrypted to prevent it being read by third parties.

The company uses cookies. Information is stored as cookies to help you use the Company efficiently, and does not include any personally-identifying information. You can set your browser to reject all cookies, but this may prevent you from using some of the functions of our websites.

7. Ongoing Revisions

The Company continuously works to improve our management of personal information.

8. Requests for Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information

If you wish your own personal information to be disclosed, amended, deleted, or no longer to be used, we will respond promptly within a rational scope once we have confirmed your identity.

9. Publication Related to Personal Information

The Company publishes the purpose of use of personal information through our website, notifications, and so on.

10. Handling Customer Opinions and Requests

Please direct any inquiries, opinions, etc. regarding the handling of personal information at the Company to us via our Inquiries form or via telephone (078-841-1121, weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00).

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